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The following is a press release from Angle Oar.

Following in the footsteps of its flagship product, the Versa paddling system, Angle Oar LLC has officially released a new product: the Gamut Paddle Holder.  Gamut attaches to most sit-in kayaks and some sit-on-tops using a patented mounting system that supports the weight of the paddle and allows it to pivot upon a post. By eliminating the weight of the paddle and shortening the range of motion required to stroke the paddle, kayakers with shoulder injuries, back problems or limited strength can get out and kayak.

Twenty-eight percent of the US population, or 92 million people, are between the ages of 50 and 74. “This is a group that increasingly wants to stay active and independent as long as possible, but sometimes an injury or arthritis prompts them to give up a sport they’ve loved all their lives, or possibly never thought of trying, like kayaking,” said Meg McCall, CEO of Angle Oar. “We designed Gamut with them in mind—keeping veteran paddlers in the game and opening up a new outdoor activity for others.”

Gamut incorporates YakAttack's innovative RotoGrips to hold the paddle in place between two soft rollers.  The system is perfect for paddlers who want to enjoy the fluid, energy-efficient benefits of a supported paddle but want to keep using their own preferred paddle. John Lee, Assistive Technology Specialist at Cal Polytechnic State University, was one of the first to try Gamut. “By the time we got back in (from our ocean paddle) I still felt like I could paddle even longer, whereas in the past I’d get back to shore and be pretty much spent,” he said.

The device has also proven to be an affordable alternative for anglers who don’t want to shell out big bucks for an expensive pedal kayak.  Gamut enables anglers to fish with one hand and paddle with the other, or troll to a new spot, without the hassle of re-securing the paddle each time. The user simply “lets go” as they reel in that big catch. There’s no need for paddle leashes, wet laps or balancing acts, and Gamut can be used with the person’s favorite fishing paddle. The support mount also doubles as a camera or rod holder.

“Since we launched Versa a year ago, we received dozens of calls from people all over country about other ways to use it – on paddleboards, canoes and even rafts. Our new product, Gamut, is in response to those requests and the next natural evolution of our paddling system,” said McCall.  The unit retails for $170 at and can be purchased at an increasing number of kayak retailers and rental shops. 

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