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MacGregor holding his silver canoe, a token of appreciation for joining the National Council presented by Canadian Canoe Museum former executive director, James Raffan.  Michael Hewis

Membership in this group will demonstrate the breadth, diversity and profile of leaders who supporting the museum

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The Canadian Canoe Museum has made Rapid Media Founder and Publisher Scott MacGregor a member of it’s new National Council. Membership in this prestigious group will demonstrate in new and visible ways the breadth, diversity and profile of leaders who support the museum.

MacGregor and other National Council members are supporting the museum by lending their names, likenesses and a few supportive words. And in a variety of different ways individuals are offering other types of support, including advice and opening doors to communities, institutions and organizations.

“While my children have literally grown up in canoes and kayaks and the health of the paddling industry is normal dinnertime conversation, it wasn’t until they visited the Canadian Canoe Museum that they could fully appreciate the importance of the canoe in Canada's history,” writes MacGregor. “Readers of our magazines new to paddling tell me same thing. Understanding the history of the canoe and the country provided by the Museum adds authenticity to our time on the water no matter which river, lake or ocean we happen to be paddling.”

Canadian Canoe Museum National Council members include a wide variety of talented and connected paddlers including, Peter Mansbridge-Broadcaster and Former Chancellor, Les Stroud-TV Personality and Filmmaker, Curve Lake First Nation Chief Phyllis Williams-First Nations Leader and Community Builder, Adam van Koeverden-Olympic and World Champion Kayaker and Bob Gainey-NHL Player, General Manager and Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee.

The Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario, has stewarded, for the last 20 years, the world’s largest collection of canoes, kayaks and paddled watercraft. More than 600 in number, the watercraft and their stories have a pivotal role to play in understanding our past and, our collective future. As part of our responsibility for this one-of-a-kind collection, they are building a new home that aspires to be as innovative as the canoe itself. The construction of this new museum at the water’s edge will be supported by a $65M campaign. A major cultural and recreational destination between Toronto and Ottawa, the new museum will be located next to the Peterborough Lift Lock and the Trent-Severn Waterway – both National Historic Sites.

Learn more about the new Canadian Canoe Museum project and the National Council.

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