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Adventure Kayak celebrates all the adventures of kayak touring, from a tour through the local bay to an arctic expedition to all the diversity in between. Adventure Kayak’s content has an international scope. Our readers range from rank beginners to experts paddlers who share the desire to learn, explore and experience the paddling world.

Adventure Kayak publishes three issues annually, in February (Spring), May (Early Summer) and August (Summer/Fall). We do most of our editorial scheduling in September for the upcoming year, but we accept submissions at any time. We welcome your contributions to Adventure Kayak. We’re open to ideas—well-written epics, cultural adventure, environmental dilemmas, personality profiles on important paddlers either historic or contemporary, humor, fiction and more. We are always in the market for articles that have depth, emotional impact and take-away value for the reader, complemented by striking photos.

The best way to assess our interest in your idea is to send us a brief summary of your idea—a query.

Submitting a Query

For anything other than creative non-fiction essays or fiction, we would rather read queries than completed manuscripts. Queries should present a clear and specific idea, not merely a general topic, and should reflect familiarity with the magazine’s content and tone.

We will rarely consider a story without good photos, and we will occasionally buy a story based on photos alone. So please tell us how we can get professional-quality, high-resolution digital images to accompany your article. Better yet, email us a few low-resolution preview images, or mail us a CD of high-res images that we can keep. See photography guidelines for more details.

Please send queries by email to the address below. We do not accept queries over the phone. We will reply to your query within eight weeks if we are interested in your idea. We will not return unsolicited manuscripts or photos unless you include an SASE or return courier account number. Writers submitting story ideas should be aware that the editors at Adventure Kayak may already have assigned or be working on a similar story.

Before you query, carefully study several issues of Adventure Kayak so you can tell us how and where your idea will fit into the magazine.



Waterlines is our reader essay column. A place to share your creative writing flare—essays, fiction, short stories and humor are all encouraged. 500 words max.


We are always looking for stories to fill the magazine’s introductory section. Flotsam & Jetsam includes short, timely articles about kayaking personalities, safety, trends, places, gear, events, expeditions and more. This is the best place to submit your first story. 350–450 words plus supporting photos.


This is an op ed–type essay (similar to what you might find next to the editorial page in newspapers) poking fun at the paddling world’s quirks or taking a hard look at more serious issues. Stir the pot. Take a stand. Tell it like it is. Your ideas should be organized and well developed in essay form, with a clearly stated point. Up to 550 words.


This is our tech section with skills, techniques and reviews. We’re looking for advice about kayaking and general outdoor skills that’s concise, accurate, easy to understand and well illustrated. Queries for how-to articles may include a plan to demonstrate the skill through photos or illustrations using minimal text. This section also includes gear and boat reviews. 300-500 words plus supporting illustrations/photos.FEA TURES

Our feature articles are up to 2,000 words in length and typically include professional-quality photos. Features are our most competitive category. When pitching a feature, consider if your story could be modified to fit another department of the magazine. Also consider whether you have personality profiles, tips, recipes, news or other short pieces to include as sidebars. Features include:

How-To Features: We regularly run how-to features in a “starter kit” format covering specific topics in depth, such as kayak surfing, paddling with kids, or weekend trips. How-to features are broken up into text boxes and sidebars covering a variety of topics such as background, tips, gear, destinations, top 10 lists, etc.

Theme Features: These features package short stories and sidebars under original themes: gear; destinations; heroes; survival; love; urban paddling...insert your idea here.

Journalistic Features: This field is wide open to any story that’s related to kayak touring. Thoroughly researched and well-written articles and essays or photo essays about the kayaking environment, people, culture, events, gear, industry topics and more can be spun into fun and informative features in a reportorial style.

Adventure Travel and Destination Features: Adventure writing isn’t about just any trip. It tells about an adventure—that is, an original and exciting experience, an exceptional place or an exceptional experience in a familiar place. Good adventure travel writing grips the reader with the feeling of being there and offers something—exceptional humor, a life lesson, a new outlook or deeper understanding. Likewise, destination- focused pieces go beyond a mere description of a place to inspire, entertain or inform. Destination stories have a fresh angle deepened by background information and interviews with local characters.

Text Submission Guidelines

If we accept your query, please submit your completed work according to these guidelines: • Include your name, article title and word count on the first page of your submission.

• Carefully check all facts and figures and spellings (names, places, scientific terms) for accuracy and be prepared to provide us with your research material and contact information for all sources.

Include a concise, 25-word biography to be published at our discretion. • Please save documents in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) and send as an email attachment—

do not paste it into the body of an email message.

• Be sure to include your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address with all submissions. We will make a reasonable effort to ensure the safe return of slides, negatives and other materials that you loan to us; however, contributors are responsible for insuring these materials against loss or damage.

Terms and Payment

We expect first North American print rights to your work. Adventure Kayak requires that you inform us if your submission, or any portion or concept of your submission, has been previously published or is being considered for publication elsewhere. We also require that you inform us as to any flights, accommodations, meals, etc. that were given to you free of charge as part of a familiarization or press trip.

We pay contributors a pre-negotiated rate of up to $0.20 per word depending on length, content and quality. Payment is within 45 days following the release date of the issue in which the material appears. We buy first North American print rights as well as the right to reproduce the original publication by any means or technology for our promotional purposes including indefinite publication on the Internet as part of our online edition. Details are outlined in our contributor agreement.


Address queries and submissions to:


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