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The Feelfree Dorado Images by FeelFree Kayaks

Take a sneak peek at FeelFree's next big thing.

There are pictures circling the internet of the new FeelFree Dorado fishing kayak. Some of those pictures are from ICast 2017 and only feature the prototype of the Dorado. We have recieved exclusive images of the first production model of the Dorado to come off the line.

Dorado 1

The overhead shot of the Dorado shows a flat, open deck, perfect for standing and fishing. FeelFree did without bow and stern hatches and opted to have open cavities with straps hold your gear down. The four rod holders behind the seats are perfect for keeping your rods out of the way while paddling (or pedaling....more on that later.)

Dorado 2

The nose of the Dorado is rounded instead of the open grip nose that is included on the Lure models. The fully integrated navigational light and electronics system will keep you visible and stay on the fish. The star of the Dorado is the new Overdrive pedal system. FeelFree spent a lot of time perfecting the Overdrive and fans are raving about it. The seat looks extremely comfortable, which is no surprise considering how comfortable other FeelFree kayak's seats are. 

 dorado 3

The Cathedral hull on the Dorado makes for great stability. The rudder looks large enough to give the Dorado a great turning radius. The sternwell looks to have large accessory tracks on both sides, perfect for mounting cameras or any other accessory. 

Dorado 4

On of the most exciting features in these leaked images are the handles next to the seat. They look perfect for keeping yourself stable as you stand and sit back down while fighting a fish. 

FeelFree will be launching a full list of the Dorado's features soon, so stay tuned!

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