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Biyak Fishing Kayak At ICAST 2018 Alex Traynor

A Kayak, Standup Paddleboard And Micro Skiff All In One

Kayak fishing has inspired some wild rides. At this summer’s ICAST 2018 show, Biyak takes the cake as the most innovative design. Featuring two narrow pontoons connected by a square platform, the Biyak is focused on standup fishing. Catamaran kayaks are nothing new, but the Biyak takes it further with retractable pontoons. In the closed position, the Biyak is 30-inches wide. Slide the pontoons out and the beam increases to 48 inches. This allows the paddler to paddle faster with a narrow beam then widen the boat to increase stability for standup fishing.

We tested the boat at the on the water demo where we were impressed with its outfitting and ergonomics. The deck is covered with Seadek padding and features five rod holders and a small day hatch. Hatches on the pontoons allow them to be stuffed with gear or fishing rods.

The Biyak can be rigged with a frame seat and paddled like a kayak, or outfitted with a cooler and operated as a standup paddle board. A bracket on the stern will accommodate a trolling motor and battery. Another bracket will hold a tackle crate. The frame is constructed out of aluminum providing a solid platform for standup fishing. The Biyak tracks straight as a razor, but the long, narrow pontoons make it slow to turn. We like that the pontoons and deck break down into three pieces for easy transport and storage.


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