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Pelican International Catch 130 Hydryve System Alex Traynor

large flippers produce more torque and speed

Pelican International’s line of lightweight, thermoformed kayaks now adds a pedal-powered model to the family. Their flagship fishing kayak, the Catch 130, is now available with a HyDryve pedal system. When it comes to kayak pedal systems, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Inspired by Hobie’s original MirageDrive pedal system, the HyDryve uses two flippers driven by moving the pedal arms fore and aft. The large flippers produce more torque and speed with less effort than bicycle-style pedals and a propeller. Pushing one pedal arm forward flattens the flippers against the bottom of the kayak for instant shallow draft.

Unlike most kayaks that are roto-molded, Pelican uses a process that molds two triple-layer sheets of HMWPE plastic to shape the top and bottom, then uses high heat and pressure to fuse the two parts into one piece, creating a light but strong hull.

The boat includes four flush-mount rod holders, gear tracks and a mesh seat.

The price is light, too. The Catch 130 HD is only $1499, the best value for a pedal kayak.


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