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Uncharted Watercraft at ICAST 2018 Alex Traynor

Goes Anywhere, Stores Anywhere

The prime directive for kayak designers is to eliminate excuses for people to stay on dry land. Uncharted Watercraft’s unique line of modular kayaks solves problems with storage and transport.

The boats feature two pods joined by an aluminum frame. Pull the pods away from the frame and the kayak folds into a package that will fit in a hatchback or closet.

We tested their fishing flagship, the Outbound. For a strange design, the boat tracks and paddles pretty well. While we couldn’t get up the courage to stand on the front pod, the hull is plenty stable for confident fishing. To keep the kayak facing the fish, we simply dropped our feet into the water and kicked in circles to turn the kayak.

Pull the pods away from the frame and the Outbound folds like a clamshell. A pair of wheels included in the package make it easy to move the clumsy pod. We’d like to see a strap or strong latches to keep the two halves together, but the Outbound is still easier to move than a full-size kayak.

The Outbound fits in the category of pack-and-go boats that includes inflatables and folding kayaks, but the rigid plastic hull doesn’t suffer from flex that robs speed and performance from other designs. For a complete overview, check out our review in the Spring issue at https://goo.gl/YKn3ww.

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