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The bass mafia terminal coffin sitting on a kayak seat. Photos by Jon Russelburg

The last tackle tray you will ever buy`

The Bass Mafia Terminal Coffin arrived at my house a few days before I left for a big kayak fishing tournament. My first impression was that this thing is sturdy. When Bass Mafia called this thing a coffin, they weren’t kidding.

lid gasket
The gasket around the inside of lid keeps the Terminal Coffin water-tight, so your hooks and weights won't rust.

Built on Bass Mafia’s 3700 Coffin casing, the reinforced plastic shell of the Terminal Coffin is bulletproof. The gasket around the inside of the lid makes the Terminal Coffin waterproof when you latch it down.

weight coffin
The three Weight Coffins hold all size weights, so you will always be prepared. 

I started going through my trays and boxes prepping for the tournament, consolidating the terminal tackle that I use every time I go fishing. On the left side of the Terminal Coffin, Bass Mafia included three removable Weight Coffins that hold up to 74 different size weights. They Weight Coffins have foam inserts so you can slide the head of your weight into the coffin securely. They also have a thin clear cover as added protection to keep the weights from falling out if you forget to latch the Terminal Coffin. After I had consolidated all of my Texas rig-style weights, I found that I still had one Weight Coffin completely unused. And here I thought I had too much tackle.

On my first day of tournament practice, I broke off a trophy largemouth bass right at the boat. This was a new lake and I didn’t check my link for knicks after throwing into a large brush pile. So on top of the pain of having to watch “the one that got away,” I also had to waste time retying my rig. 

 Hook coffin
The Hook Coffins keep the point of your hooks covered so you don't have to worry about accidental sticks.

I’m extremely particular about my hooks, after all that is the one thing between you and a trophy fish. I keep hooks of all shapes and sizes in my tackle trays, but never quite found a good system of keeping them organized. I have wasted too much time during a tournament untangling a bundle of hooks. The right side of the terminal coffin includes three Hook Coffins with 11 foam inserts that eliminate the need to untangle hooks.

In front of the six slots for the Hook and Weight Coffins, there is room for 11 normal tackle trays. I like filling these trays with a few other types of tackle like shakey heads and ned rigs for quick access. 

Before I started using the Bass Mafia Terminal Coffin, I was initially thrown aback by the price. I thought $54.99 seemed a steep for a glorified tackle tray. I was wrong. The fact of the matter is, anglers break off a lot of lures. I broke off more Texas rigs that I cared to count between practice and the tournament, but I could retie and get back on the fish faster than ever before.

Time matters to kayak anglers and so does saving space. Instead of three trays for hooks, Texas-rig weights and shakey heads, I had everything I needed in one box under my seat.

The two heavy-duty front latches keep the air inside the Terminal Coffin and the water out, making the coffin float if accidentally knocked overboard.

At one point during the tournament, I ran into a school of nice sized bass and frantically laid the Terminal Coffin on top of my crate. A con about the Terminal Coffin is that it’s longer than most trays and hard to fit in your crate. While fighting a fish, I somehow knocked the coffin off of my kayak and into the water. I’m no stranger to dropping tackle or rods in the water, and I immediately started counting how much money I once again gave up to the kayak fishing gods. But when I looked back, the Terminal Coffin was floating peacefully, keeping my tackle dry and waiting to be picked up. When you consolidate all of your terminal tackle into one box, it is necessary that said box will float.

I was so pleased with how the Bass Mafia Terminal Coffin performed that I bought a second one. You can buy the Hook and Weight Coffins in a separate three pack. I bought one of each and made one Terminal Coffin just for weights and one just for hooks. Although, the Weight and Hook Coffins are $24.99 for a three pack, on top of an already pricey product. 

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