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Accent Paddles shows off new feature at Paddlesports Retailer 2018 Rapid Media Staff

Unique features make new paddles stronger and more ergonomic

Accent Paddles works out of the box to develop blades and shafts that perform better with less weight and incredible stiffness. The new eNeRGy line uses a unique grip that performs like a bent-shaft paddle without introducing weakness inherent in bending the shaft. The ergonomic grip improves tension across the five fingers for a stronger, more comfortable stroke. The pads also encourage proper hand placement. I like that I can still slide my hand up and down the shaft for more powerful turns then return to the eNeRGy grips to go the distance. For kayak anglers, the Ultimate Angler series offers a Lever Lock adjustable shaft that extends from 240 to 260 cm with a high-angle blade to push a large fishing kayak. These details make Accent paddles a solid choice for performance and value across the line.

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