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A group of people standing on a beach, waiting to launch their kayaks. Photo courtesy: Extreme Kayak Fishing

The bad news and good news of rescheduling a tournament.

Due to bad weather the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament has rescheduled Leg One of the Sailfish Smackdown for February 10-11. With this announcement comes good news and bad news. Obviously the bad news is that the tournament had to be rescheducled. 

The good news is that you have a few more weeks to enter the tournament and get prepared. Read the official announcement below:

"The 2018 Sailfish Smackdown Leg 1 is re-scheduled to FEBRUARY 10TH & 11TH. The Kickoff party located at Brus Room in Pompano Beach is rescheduled for  Friday FEBRUARY 9TH."

For more information on the Sailfish Smackdown go to www.extremekayakfishing.com 

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