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Biyak Biyak

A Boat Designed For Stability, Versatility, And Customization

Scott MacGregor, Publisher of Kayak Angler, speaks with Aaron Baldwin at the Charleston Outdoor Fest to get a closer look at his newest version of the Biyak fishing kayak. Baldwin has been working hard on a number of different prototypes to get the latest design that is now in full production. 

One of the key features of the Biyak is the adjustable width on the pontoons, that allow maximum stability on the water while reducing its footprint for transportation and storage. These pontoons also have compartments to be used for storage on the boat.

The Biyak has been designed to allow a number of modifications for those who like to customize their boats. Mounting options include rod holders, depth finders, paddle holders, cup holders, coolers, and even mounts to add crates for additional storage. The kayak also has a mount to add a trolling motor and the battery can easily be stored in one of the storage bins on the pontoons.

Additional features include the ability to remove the seat, giving you full access to a larger deck area when you want to stand.

The Biyak is easily transported with a wheel attachment that goes between the two pontoons and turns the boat into a wheelbarrow. 

Watch the video below to get a full tour of the Biyak!

 Visit www.biyakboats.com for more videos, specs and info.

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