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A man fly fishing from a kayak Anything you can do, kayak anglers can do better. Photo by Jon Russelburg

Kayak Anglers may be the most misunderstood fishing group

When I first started fishing Kentucky Lake in a kayak, I would have employees at local gas stations recognize me because I was the only kayak angler they saw on the lake. My bright orange Ocean Kayak Caper probably helped. The first thing they always said to me was “You’re tougher than me, there’s no way I would try and fish out of a tiny plastic boat.”

I always get a kick out of people who don't understand kayak fishing, and the myths about the sport that they believe. So I thought I would compile a list of the 6 best myths that I have personally heard about kayak fishing.

big boat
Who needs a big boat? Photo by Jon Russelburg

1) Kayak anglers can’t afford a “real” boat

It’s true that I bought my first kayak because I was a broke college student but didn’t want to live on the bank, hoping the fish were there. But that was a long time ago. Like a lot of kayak anglers, I have a good job and could afford a “real” boat if I wanted one. But that isn’t the point. I love fishing out of a kayak. There is no feeling in the world that compares to landing your personal best in a small craft, right next to the action. 

boat ramp
Don't be a ramp hog. Photo by Jon Russelburg

2) Kayak anglers hog the boat ramp

Yes, kayak anglers use the boat ramp just like any other watercraft. After all, we need to launch our boats too. The beauty of kayak fishing is that you can load up your kayak away from the ramp, roll it down and launch. There’s no time spent fiddling with your gear at the ramp if you launch properly. 

Plus, kayak anglers have the ability to launch anywhere. While we do use the main ramps, we also use old dirt roads and drag our boats through the woods. If a kayak angler is hogging the boat ramp, that is an individual problem not a problem with the whole sport. Just move your kayak beside the ramp and let the big boats through. 

Big water kayak
Big water or small water, kayaks can go anywhere. Photo by Jon Russelburg

3) Kayak anglers can only fish small ponds and creeks

Ha. Kayak anglers can and will fish anywhere. With kayaks getting more and more stable each year, more kayak anglers will feel safe enough to fish big water. Just make sure that you are visible to other boats with flags and lights. 

stand up
Who said you can't stand in a kayak? Photo by Jared Winters

4) You can’t stand up in a kayak

While testing a new boat, Kayak Angler editor Ric Burnley once told me “You can’t test the stability if you’re afraid of falling in.” 

Kayak anglers aren’t afraid of getting wet. It’s part of the adventure. Kayaks are more stable than ever and anglers with even the worst balance can comfortable stand in the right kayak.

land huge fish
Huge fish don't care what boat you are in. Photo Courtesy: Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament

5) You cant land huge fish in a kayak

I point to the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament as exhibit A. Kayak anglers have been landing huge fish since day one. Sure, we may get pulled around for five-or-so miles, but we win in the end.

kayak price
Kayaks come in all shapes, sizes and price points. Photo by Jon Russelburg

6) “I could just buy a boat for the price of a kayak”

Kayaks cost anywhere from 300-dollars to almost four-thousand. Sure, you could buy a decent boat for the price of the top-of-the-line kayaks, but you wouldn’t be able to fish near as many spots. Kayaks are quieter and give you the ability to fish in more places than you ever dreamed of.

Big boat anglers are moving over to kayaks for a reason. Some of the best kayak tournament anglers were big boat anglers first, but they found that they caught more fish and had more fun in a kayak. What’s the right price on having fun?

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