Video: Intro To Kayak Ledge Fishing Part 1 | Kayak Angler Magazine | Rapid Media
A fishfinder graph showing a school of bass on a ledge. Photo and video by Jay Wallen

Take the mystery out of ledge fishing

2017 Hobie Bass Open winner Jay Wallen is know as one of the best kayak ledge anglers in the sport. He won the 2017 Hobie Bass Open on Kentucky Lake by picking through a main lake ledge with surgical precision. 

Ledge fishing has risen in popularity over the years, but it still remains a mystery to a lot of anglers. In this first of three videos, Jay Wallen goes through the details of what a ledge is and what lakes are prime ledge fishing spots. 

The video is a little long, but think of it as taking a class from one of the best in the business. 

Watch the video below:

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