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An overhead shot of a kayak angler fishing in the devils river. Photo and video by Hooked On Wild Waters

Drew Gregory tackle the remote and dangerous Devils River

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Season one of Hooked On Wild Waters with Drew Gregory kicks off with a bang in January 2016. Professional kayak angler Drew Gregory, Jackson Kayak team manager Brooks Beatty, a few Jackson Kayak team members and Drew's most trusted fishing partner, his dog Lu, take on the remote and dangerous Devils River.

The Devils River is a spring fed river in Texas. It's made up of deep pools of water connected by shallow rapids, so it is perfect for kayak anglers. You often have to get out of the kayak and portage to the next deep pool.

Dolan Falls is the first obstacle that Drew and the Jackson Kayak gang encounter, and it's the most hazardous obstacle on the trip. The rapids feed into a deep pool of water through two rock walls. It's a tight squeeze for Drew’s Jackson Kayak Coosa. Drew decides to try and paddle the falls while the other anglers portage over it. Good thing he emptied his kayak out beforehand, because Dolan Falls won that battle.

Just below Dolan Falls is a large stretch of calm, clear water. The Devils river is stacked with largemouth and smallmouth bass that almost never see a hook, so even the small ones fight like crazy. Drew and the gang catch a load of small bass but finally find some keepers, just in time for dinner. 

Before Drew and the Jackson Kayak group can set up camp, they have to clear Three Tear Falls. Three Tear Falls has a few rapids, but nothing impassable. The crew tighten down the hatches and get their fishing rod tips out of the air, to prevent snags, and set off to tackle the falls. Day one ends with a campfire and a great meal. There's just something about eating a meal that you caught earlier in the day.

After missing out on some big fish on day one, Brooks Beatty takes an early paddle near the campground on day two and catches a huge bass. The Devils River is filled with lizards, crawfish and other bait so the bass have a never-ending supply of food. 

The wind picked up on day two, which makes for good fishing in clear water like the Devils River, but makes it hard for paddling. Drew Gregory has fished in a lot of wild places, but has never seen wind as strong as they encountered on day two. As the anglers try to paddle downstream, the wind keeps pushing them upstream. This kind of wind makes anglers wonder why they ever chose to fish from a kayak, but the Devils River hides some big bass that will help you remember.

After a day of fighting the wind, the Devils River gives back. Drew and Brooks land a few trophy bass, both smallmouth and largemouth. That's why you come to the Devils River and that's why Drew Gregory is hooked on wild waters.

Check out this great adventure in the first episode of Hooked On Wild Waters below. Keep an eye out for season four in early 2018, sponsored by Kayak Angler Magazine. 

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