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A person standing in a running river and setting the hook on a fish. Photo and Video Courtesy: Hooked On Wild Waters

Drew Gregory searches for a world record shoal bass

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In this episode of Hooked On Wild Waters, professional kayak angler Drew Gregory heads back to Georgia to chase shoal bass in the Altamaha river system. This time he brings along his good friend, John Japuntich with whom Drew has fish almost every little creek channel in Georgia. 

The world record shoal bass is eight-pounds and 12-ounces. Drew has caught them in the seven-pound range, but today he is searching for that world record bass. After a few missed fish, Drew hooks a three-pound shoal bass that fights like a world record bass.

After a little paddling downstream, the gang finds a nice pool and John hooks a monster. Shoal bass have a very restrictive range. They are native only to the apalachicola river basin, and can only persist in free-flowing rivers. These free flowing rivers are perfectly suited for Drew’s Jackson Kayak Coosa. 

The biggest threat to the shoal bass species is illegal introduction of non-native bass species. You can catch spotted bass in this part of the Altamaha river system, but they are an invasive species. 

Watch to find out if Drew and John ever find their trophy on the Altamaha river system.

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