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An overhead shot of a person fishing from a kayak in the mississippi marsh. Photo and Video Courtesy: Hooked On Wild Waters

Drew Gregory hits the Mississippi Marsh searching for trophy reds

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In this episode of Hooked On Wild Waters, professional kayak angler Drew Gregory heads to Louisiana to fish the Mississippi marsh with local Jackson Kayak pro Ben Roussel. 

The Mississippi marsh is the jackpot for redfish. After a long paddle in their Jackson kayaks, Ben hooks up with a little red with a blue colored tail. If a red’s tail is blue, that means the fish are in a heavy feeding pattern. The redfish get bigger in Louisiana because the Mississippi river brings a lot of food and nutrients to the fish.

After the first small fish, the wind picked up. The weather in the Mississippi delta area can change on a dime. This wind makes sight-fishing almost impossible. After a long fight with the wind, the Jackson Kayak gang see fish blowing up bait and head that way. It was only a matter of time until they start filling up the boat with nice redfish. 

South Louisiana is a sportsman’s paradise, but the paradise is being eaten away by coastal erosion. As of January 2016, when this episode was released, south Louisiana had already lost 1900-square-miles of coastal land.

Watch the entire episode below to learn about coastal erosion and see if Drew and Ben can hook up with a trophy red.

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