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A kayaker paddling next to a giant cliff. Photo and Video Courtesy: Hooked On Wild Waters

Drew Gregory takes a mothership trip in San Diego California

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In this episode of Hooked On Wild Waters, professional kayak angler Drew Gregory takes a mothership trip in San Diego, California to fish around San Clemente Island with Jackson Kayak pro staffer Jerrod McGehee. San Clemente Island is unique because parts of the island will be closed to the public while the U.S. Navy Seals train. 

Right off the bat Drew catches a Calico bass in the Pacific water. Calico bass aren’t huge, but they are beautiful and put up a good fight. Drew then hooks up with a bonita, but his reel malfunctions. After a long fight with both his reel and the fish, he finally lands the beautiful, blue bonita.

After lunch, the crew heads to a new location on San Clemente Island. This part of the island is surrounded by massive cliffs. The weather and water were more chaotic, but that means it’s easier for true trophy fish to hide. 

Watch the full episode to find out if Drew lands the Pacific ocean trophy that he is searching for.

Keep an eye out for season four in early 2018, sponsored by Kayak Angler Magazine. 

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